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Thank you for coming by the website to see how you can support our students & ministry!

Students from U of A and Pima Community College meet on Thursday evenings to share a meal and participate in a covenant group with Wesley Director Hannah Bonner.  Individuals and/or teams from local United Methodists churches provide a meal for 15 students. There are a couple of vegetarians, so it is nice if a side or salad can accommodate them.  The meal is dropped off about 6 PM at 715 N. Park Avenue.  Parking is in back of the building off N. Tyndall Ave. Students handle the beverages, serving and clean-up. Earlier drop can be arranged by calling or texting (520) 484-3902.

Frontera Wesley Director, Rev. Hannah Adair Bonner, is glad to preach at local congregations as her schedule permits. It is a great opportunity to connect with the local congregations that support us, as well as with middle and high school students that may one day end up at one of our Tucson college campuses. We encourage you to click above to go to our contact page if you are interested in scheduling something. You can also look at the Calendar page to find out which Sundays she is preaching locally.

We are so grateful for the support that the Wesley Foundation of Tucson has received from local congregations for close to 90 years now. What an immense blessing to have been able to be an integral part of United Methodist ministry in this city for the better part of a century. We are so fully of creativity and excitement right now, the sky is the limit. The more resources we have, the more of our ideas we can see come into action, the more interns we can hire, and the more scholarships we can offer. If you would like to donate, we hope to have an online option soon, but for now, checks can be sent to:

The Wesley Foundation of Tucson

c/o Bruce Billings

715 N. Park

Tucson, AZ 85719

Coming in 2018-2019: Adopt-A-Student

Commit to supporting a student with packages and letters throughout the school year.

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