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Poet Raie Crawford

West, Downtown, East, Desert Vista, Northwest

Frontera Wesley strives to support the campuses of Pima County Community College, taking a leading role in many of the campus activities and seeking to build relationships with students, teachers and administrators alike. It has long been a hope and goal of the Wesley Foundation of Tucson to offer support to Pima students in addition to University of Arizona students. If you are at Pima or headed towards Pima we would love to connect with you and dream about what a ministry that meets the unique context of this multi-campus system could be. We are proud to have Pima students involved in all of our activities, and look forward to what the future holds.

We are proud to have collaborated during the 2017-2018 school year with Pima's Diversity Club, Veteran's Day Celebration, J.A.D.E., and Rise Up to name a few. We are also grateful to have been able to collaborate with Pima Downtown and Pima West Campuses in bringing our Spring 2018 Artist in Residence, Raie Crawford, to Tucson.

Pima County Community College West
Pima student
Pastor Hannah speaking at Pima County Community College
Raie Crawford performing at Pima County Community College
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