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Frontera Wesley is a campus ministry that welcomes students of all faith backgrounds, as well as those who are interested in collaborating with people of faith. We are committed to listen to our community, so that our action can be an expression of solidarity. Our official name is The Wesley Foundation of Tucson, but we like our affectionate nickname. The word Frontera recognizes our context, the borderlands, and our responsibility to be faithful to those who struggle with oppression and exclusion. The word Wesley recognizes our theological roots in a grace and justice driven movement. 
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There are many ways to engage with the Frontera Wesley Community. We have our large gathering at our building in Main Gate Square, The Campus Christian Center, on Thursday evenings (715 N Park Ave). We also have several Bible Studies that meet throughout the week, and opportunities for service and fellowship. Students engage at the level of their capacity and ability, from occasional coffees all the way to commitment to being on our Student Leadership Team.  
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